Fasten Your Seatbelts…

8 Nov

Welcome to my new blog. I’m Dominic Wells, a film critic and former Time Out editor who has tunnelled under the electrified fence to write screenplays myself.

After two decades of sending other journalists out to write about other people’s creations, I left my cushy, outrageously well paid job editing supplements at the Times to make films instead.

I’m doing it for love, not money. At the same time, let’s hope I start to get paid before the savings run out altogether!

So please join me on my journey. Tell your friends to come, too. You’ll meet the odd celebrity in my posts. You’ll read rants and reviews. And you’ll find out about the world of London indie film-making as we try to build a palace of dreams on a shoestring.

My last featurette was Animal Charm, a high-fashion Gothic horror-comedy co-written with and directed by the ridiculously talented Ben Charles Edwards. It starred Sadie Frost, Sally Phillips and Boy George.

My next, shooting this month, is a mockumentary interview with a retired supervillain. More about that in due course. But for now, it’s When Dominic Met Noel. Enjoy.


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