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Apocalips Wow: love the smell of advertising in the morning?

3 Apr

Kate Moss advertising Apocalips for Rimmel

Have you seen those giant posters of Kate Moss advertising Rimmel lipstick, under the slogan “Apocalips Wow”? I don’t suppose Francis Ford Coppola ever guessed, when he was way over-budget in impossible conditions, having fired Harvey Keitel for Martin Sheen only for the young man to have a heart attack, and Marlon Brando turned up for his $3.5 million role massively overweight and had to be shot in the shadows, that his hallucinatory anti-war epic would years later be used to sell beauty products.

But why stop there? There’s surely a whole range of products that could be spun off from one of my all-time favourite films in a staggeringly inappropriate manner. Here’s a few suggestions:

Apocalypso Now. Music to dance to as if every night was your last.

Akropolis Nous. Er, a guide book to Athens?

Alcopop-a-sips Wow. A new range of alcoholic soft drinks for teen drinkers.

App Vocalist Meow. Download an app that makes cute kitten noises (surely this exists? If not, why not?).

Apocalypse Now Then, Now Then. How the Jimmy Savile scandal nearly brought down the BBC.

Napalm air freshener. Dementedly happy grinning housewife: “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!”

The Art of Dorkness. A comics and memorabilia shop. Actually, that one really should exist.

Anyone know any singularly inappropriate misuses of film titles, eg for shops, restaurants or products? Post them under Comments.