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Made In Dagenham: £15 tix

2 Apr
Gemma Arterton leads the cast of Made In Dagenham

Gemma Arterton leads the cast of Made In Dagenham

I’ve just seen that there are discounted £15 seats for Made In Dagenham (normally £35-£55), now that the show is closing after just five months on April 11. The offer ends midnight Friday, and is available here: bit.ly/1yHEjE8.

It’s sad that the musical failed to find an audience. The script is witty, the songs gutsy, the set amazing (justly nominated for an Olivier Award) and the true story of female Dagenham factory workers fighting for their rights, which led directly to the Equal Pay Act of 1970, still strikes a chord. The sequences with Harold Wilson are also some of the funniest I have ever seen on stage.

The West End has hosted too many so-so retreads of big Hollywood movies. It’s good to see one that takes some risks. And though it may not have the heart and the universality of Billy Elliot, it is my by some margin my favourite out of a good half dozen new musicals I’ve seen recently (including the misfire that is Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown).

And for £15? That’s the price of a West End film ticket.